Training Consulting

At Bespoke, we take the development of financial talent seriously.

Is your organization clear about the financial knowledge map of its work teams?
Do you need support in the process of diagnosing the needs of your team?
Are you clear about what you want to achieve with financial training?
Would you like to build or improve training itineraries in finance?
Do you want to identify the best financial training methodologies for your courses?
Do you want to measure the impact of financial training on your organization's business?
Do you have internal talent in which you would like to take part in the training?
Do you need to strengthen internal skills and resources to manage changes and uncertainty?

BESPOKE puts at your disposal the best experts in financial training to support your organization in THE DESIGN OF YOUR TRAINING PLAN AND THE CONSTRUCTION OF THE CORPORATE SCHOOL OF FINANCE.

The BESPOKE professionals have the specialized experience which goes far beyond the rigid approaches applied by academics. WE SUPPORT THE TEAMS OF TALENT AND THE TEAMS IN PROFESSIONAL TRAINING MANAGEMENT in the development of TRAINING ACTIONS DIRECTED TO THEIR FINANCIAL TEAMS.

Bespoke also launches two powerful lines of support for financial training:

School of
Finance Leaders

Bespoke understands that the Managers of the Financial areas are highly valued profiles in the decision-making process of organizations. Bespoke is committed to supporting your leadership skills. With this objective, we work with 5 strategic tools:

  • Financial Leadership
  • Culture and profitability
  • Effective communication and meetings
  • Solid and extraordinary equipment
  • Executive coaching

   Responsable: Raquel Blázquez Hernández

Trains the Trainers

A challenge for organizations is the transfer of knowledge: to ensure that internal talent can share their knowledge effectively and with enthusiasm. Supporting their skills as trainers and facilitators is a Bespoke commitment. With this objective, we work 5 strategic tools:

  • New Methodologies applied to financial training
  • Digital transformation in education
  • Communication skills
  • High impact presentations
  • Coaching

   Responsable: Rodrigo Cuéllar Sáenz




We will facilitate dynamics that encourage interaction and relationships among all people.



Work on the reality that is faced on a daily basis both in the internal system, with peers and teams, and with external systems (clients, collaborators, etc.).



Learn from experiences and replicate the learning in real, just in time, environments.



Create action plans that help achieve the objectives and the right motivation to overcome obstacles.



To make learning unforgettable, we will follow Dale Carnegie's quote "people rarely succeed unless they have fun with what they do".

100% experiential, practical, transformative and with a direct ROI in the business.


Raquel Blázquez Hernández


Coach organizacional, ejecutivo y de equipos certificada por International Coach Federation con más de 1000 horas de experiencia. Formadora en habilidades de liderazgo, desarrollo de equipos y experta transformación cultural. Forma parte de la red del Barrett Values Centre, y es Socia fundadora de Hazquepase, dedicada a acompañar líderes y organizaciones para desarrollar todo su potencial.

Licenciada en Arquitectura por la UPC y diplomada en Restauración de Arte por la ESCRBCC, está certificada en Coaching Co-Activo, CTI (California), Coaching Sistémico, Escuela Metasysteme Alain Cardon (Francia), Equipos Sólidos y Resilientes, SysT Institute (Munich), Licensed Practitioner of NLP, The Society of NLP, Certificada DISC en Comportamiento Humano, Certificada en Management 3.0 y formadora del programa MBSR Mindfulness (Massachusetts).

Rodrigo Cuéllar Sáenz


Rodrigo is an expert in corporate training programs. Rodrigo began his career in the banking sector and later as Director of the Corporate Training Center of ChevronTexaco. During 7 years at Institute of Stock Market Studies (IEB), he led the leadership team for customized corporate training. He provided innovative training solutions to clients such as Banco Santander, BBVA, Repsol, Ferrovial, Banc Sabadell, El Tesoro, CNMV, CaixaBank, PwC, EY, Accenture, Everis, Nfoque, Mapfre, Generali, Indra, Société Générale, among others.

Rodrigo holds a Law Degree from the Universidad de Los Andes and a Master's Degree in Business Management and Administration with a specialization in Finance from the Institute of Stock Market Studies (IEB).

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